Eustace & Partners has created a new pricing structure that is different to the more conventional methods used in dentistry. This is because it can be very difficult for a patient to be aware of all that is going on within their mouths during an appointment, and we therefore feel that charging for the time devoted to your treatment with set fees for more complex treatment, including laboratory charges, is more easily understood by all parties.

We charge a rate of £58.00 for a quarter of an hour appointment. Thus, half an hour will cost £116.00, three quarters of an hour £174.00 and an hour appointment £232.00.

We do not charge extra for other investigations carried out at the same time such as radiographs, periodontal examinations, oral cancer checks etc.

Your dentist can provide you with a printed treatment plan with costs and times on request. Please note this may not be possible until the dentist has all the required information, for example study models.

Bridgework (per unit)

Including laboratory costs From ...... £500.00


Including laboratory costs From ...... £550.00


Flexible From ...... £850.00

Metal From ...... £850.00

Acrylic From ...... £450.00


Regular examination 15 minutes ...... £58.00

New patients examination 30 minutes ...... £116.00

Extractions From



30 Minute ...... £50.00


Other treatments such as orthodontics, periodontal treatments, implants and complex restorative procedures are available from our own specialists. They will be happy to quote for treatment on an individual basis. ...... £2200.00 - £2500.00


Depending on size and material From ...... £56.00

Root Canal treatment

Depending on complexity and hence time involved From ...... £270.00

The price list is not definitive and may require modification at short notice. Please ask at reception if you are concerned that rate are not expected. The dentist will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.